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Has increased talk and attention in recent speculation and its various activities , given what has become seen by investors of opportunities characteristic ( for Jamie TV ) in some stocks, until it became the logo toddler with many investors ( not to invest … Yes to speculate ) . In this regard, I wanted to differentiate the Dear readers between the different varieties of speculation try to give them the appropriate recommendation .

Jamie Lewis TV in general , and in particular the local market is divided into three types or strategies :

First, analytical technical (which is most common in the global markets and more developed in the local market ) . Which is based on the collection and review of the movement of a particular stock in the past in terms of price and volumes traded and displayed in the form of a graph ( chart ) in order to infer or extrapolate the movement of the stock expected future short-term , through many studies and mathematical equations and statistical . This strategy is based mainly on the theory ( torque ) pursuant proverb ( catch the wave ) , as he tries to determine any rally to exploit them early , and still go out when momentum.

Second, market-making . In this strategy does not attempt speculator extrapolation of the market movement , but rather focuses on the comparison between the spread between the bid and ask price for a particular stock to submit a request to buy a particular stock at the price of 50.00 ( for example) with a width of Bbah at the same time at 50.25 , which is in this regard offers two things , buying and selling at varying prices , and if they are able to have a better view and better so it will be asked to buy at the lower price and selling price top , to win the price difference between the two. This strategy involves the provision of liquidity to the market in terms of making sure the presence of the seller for each Mushar or a buyer for every seller, and this is called Mmarsha ( market maker ) , and the Mmarsha usually specializes industry market in the securities and one of what it takes focus and continuous monitoring of the torrent orders flowing on those securities .

Third, market manipulation . This concept is born the negative image of speculation and speculators , which plays a speculator to enter into a particular stock and then create the impression of a placebo that the stock in the current rising ( either publish rumors as was the case previously , or a series of trade-offs and deals sham of a portfolio of other at ever-increasing ) , yet generate the impression of the rise of the stock , are focused upon orders from the general investors hopefuls constantly ascension , but soon juggler , but to take advantage of this liquidity flowing it sells to those Almstmtherin next high prices , leaving them clinging to the Alaly , and thereby evaporate requests to collapse arrow . Worse still, and it is in this regard that some manipulators if delivered the arrow to subvert their price target on their strategy was followed , Phippdan conducted a series of sham transactions at prices declining , creating the impression among the general investors accelerated the pace of decline , accelerating the collapse of the share price .

Perhaps it is well known that the first type ( technical analysis) , a school and a regular investment firm and its many practitioners around the world . While the second type ( market-making ) is a clear adaptation in the local market , although it is an investment strategy , considering around the world and specializes in which many financial institutions , as it is beneficial to the market in general in terms of providing liquidity for sellers and buyers , but the domestic market often confused with manipulation ( which puts its practitioners are in danger of punishment , as it is reluctant to institutional interest in the exercise and leaves scope for individuals) . The third type ( market manipulation ) , there is general agreement ( locally and globally ) to prevent the violation of the regulations , as there is agreement on the harm because of the rather a form of deception and due to the exploitation of the ignorance of many individual investors ( who are usually the victims in the end ) .

Accordingly , I make the following recommendations :

First: If you ‘re Stdharb methods and strategies speculation the prize and away from speculative strategies suspicious and blocked , and the same thing if I was a conflict on the recommendation of someone else , you Phippgi uncertainty of the source of that recommendation and strategy which it was built .

Second: If you ‘re Stdharb shares with high liquidity in terms of the quantities exported and traded , which reduces exposure to manipulate him .

Third, in all cases , if you are inclined to speculate you should determine an upper limit for the loss in each center before entering it, and then sticking to it and selling the closure of the center if the arrival of the loss to the limit by an order ( stop loss ) . As the lack of commitment to identify loss is one of the biggest mistakes active speculators .

Fourth: I suggest that the Capital Market Authority to differentiate more between ( market makers ) and ( manipulators ) to remove the confusion and in order to encourage first category in accordance with the institutional framework and the scaled second category is more , especially given the speculation recent in some insurance stocks , which tend more to manipulation.

Fifth: I suggest the virtue of the elders , researchers and professionals of Islamic financial transactions and legal committees to clarify the rule of manipulation in the stock market even more. As I looked at the search engines ( the rule of manipulation in the stock ) did not find only two articles with relationship and had their themes ( search ) the issue of manipulation in the stock and not the rule cutter in it, Jamie TV when he searched for the question ( Do I have the receipt of the sale before re- selling it ), which I expect to theme is much less harmful than manipulation , has found dozens or hundreds of articles Jamie TV explicit . In this regard, I had a talk from many people who defended their work as manipulation is forbidden , which calls explicitly explained .